Iveland power station

Iveland power station allows Agder Energi to meet the electricity needs of approximately 25,000 households.

Situated in Iveland Municipality, the power station consists of two plants, Iveland 1 and 2. It lies on the River Otra, around 27 kilometres north of Kristiansand, between Lake Byglandsfjorden and the mouth of the river. The generators at Iveland 1 were commissioned in 19491950 and 1955. The generator at Iveland 2 was commissioned in 2016.

The power station, which lies on the River Otra, makes use of the 50.45-metre drop from Gåseflåfjorden to Skaiåevja.

Iveland power station supplies Agder Energi with 500 GWh per year, making it our 5th biggest power station.

About Iveland powerstation

Commissioned: 149,1950,1955 og 2016

Tunnel length: 2 600 metres

Drop: 50,45 metres

Number of generators in operation
at the power station: 4

Agder Energi owns 100 % of
Iveland power station.

Iveland power station generates
500 GWh of renewable energy
per year