Duge power station

Renewable energy from Duge power station allows Agder Energi to meet the electricity demand of approximately 1,450 households

Duge power station is situated in Forsand Municipality in Rogaland. 

It receives water from the Svartevatn reservoir at the top of the Sira river system, on the border between Sirdal and Forsand municipalities. It makes use of a 215-metre drop.

Duge power station supplies Agder Energi with 29 GWh per year, making it our 33rd biggest power station.

About Duge power station

Commissioned: 1979

Tunnel length: 12 645 metres

Drop: 215 metres

Number of generators in operation at the power station: 2

Agder Energi owns 12,2 % of
Duge power station.

Duge power station generates
29 GWh of renewable energy per year