Information to suppliers regarding the merger 

Glencore Nikkelverk participates in Agder Energi project

Glencore Nikkelverk in Kristiansand makes parts of its electricity consumption available in the innovation project, NorFlex, and contributes to securing the power supply to the city

- Over time, we have seen how an ever-increasing power consumption challenges the power grid. Disconnecting local consumption in short durations represents a new opportunity to provide more space in the power grid when the load is greatest. The need for this type of flexibility becomes important to ensure stability as electrification increases. This also contributes to lower costs for customers and society, says Rune Hogga, who leads Agder Energi's investment in flexibility and is a project owner in NorFlex.

NorFlex is an Enova-supported innovation project under the auspices of Agder Energi, Glitre Energi, Statnett, and NODES. The aim is to demonstrate how the use of flexibility by electricity customers can contribute to ensuring a future-oriented and sustainable electricity system.

A sustainable and stable power system

- Glencore Nikkelverk has always been a player that has contributed to a stable power system at the national level. The participation in NorFlex is an opportunity for us to contribute to more efficient resource utilization to an additional part of the power grid, the regional level. By making parts of our electricity consumption available in the form of possible disconnection for shorter periods, we facilitate electrification through more sustainable use of the electricity grid, says Nils G. Gjelsten, CEO of Glencore Nikkelverk. 

Glencore Nikkelverk's service provider, Volue Market Services, will handle the industrial company's activity on the NODES marketplace. 

- NorFlex is an exciting project, which we look forward to participating in. Our large industrial customers participate in Statnett's flexibility market, but through NODES it opens up to contribute flexibility for many more of our customers, says Bård Mageli, Head of Physical Portfolio Management , and Volue Market Services. 

- Bringing in an industrial company with the size and volumes that Nikkelverket represents is very exciting, says Hogga.