What are we looking for? 

We are looking for good ideas and companies with the potential to make a difference in existing or new markets. Our areas of geographic focus are the Nordic region, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux and the UK. 

The key to sustainable development is using the world’s natural resources sensibly. We believe that technology can promote more sustainable use of resources and that many of the ideas needed will come from small, young companies. We are also interested in established companies that need help to scale up and companies that have worked for a long time on a concept that is fundamentally good, but that haven’t managed to market it successfully.  

The sectors of most interest to us include: 

  • Smart grids and energy efficiency
  • Demand response
  • Batteries
  • IT security
  • Distributed generation
  • Subcontractors to renewable energy generation
  • Digitalisation  

Normally, the best companies can clearly demonstrate that they have the solution to a problem, and that the solution is something that someone is willing to pay for. We’re after companies or people with solutions that meet those criteria and who feel genuine enthusiasm for what they do. We are specially interested in companies with: 

Strong management 

Your company can document relevant management experience, past success stories and the ability to motivate staff. 

A big and attractive market 

Your company has room to grow and achieve good margins

A product that meet a clear need 

The product or service your company sells meets a clear need and is clearly understandable to your customers.  

A unique product 

Your product is clearly differentiated from competing products, so your company will be able to maintain its margins and market share. 

A good business culture 

Your company has a can do attitude, is customer oriented and a commercial focus

Contact us

To discuss a possible investment, please send a brief description/presentation of your company to: vidar.kristoffer.strat@ae.no

The presentation should include information about the product or service your company offers, the market, competitors, your team, why your company will succeed, financial information (past and forecasts) and your capital requirements.  

We look forward to hearing more about your company!