The Innovation business area promotes modernisation and innovation by challenging and supporting Agder Energi’s value chain, as well as by developing new business opportunities for the group. Innovation’s areas of responsibility include the following companies and projects:

Agder Energi Invest

Agder Energi Venture AS invests in energy-related businesses from start-up through to maturity. It aims to add value by proactively contributing to their development and by developing new industrial opportunities.

Agder Energi Varme

The company produces district heating and cooling for several towns in southern Norway.

The NorFlex project

Electricity customers should be able to pay lower network tariffs in return for being flexible about when they use their electricity. The NorFlex project is helping to make this a reality.


Enfo is developing new business models and advanced energy management and smart grid solutions for the Nordic and European energy markets.


NODES is an independent exchange for trading distributed flexibility in the energy market.