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Tjønnefoss power station

Renewable energy from Tjønnefoss power station allows Agder Energi to meet the needs of approximately 1,800 households.

Tjønnefoss power station lies in Nissedal Municipality. The power station is built above ground beside the river, and it was commissioned in 1966.

It makes use of a total drop of 18 metres. The River Nisserelva is dammed at Tjønnefossen, and the power station makes use of the drop created by the waterfall and dam.

Tjønnefoss power station supplies Agder Energi with 42 GWh per year, making it our 31st biggest power station.

About Tjønnefoss power station

Commissioned: 1966

Tunnel length: 220 metres

Drop: 18 metres

Number of generators in operation
at the power station: 1

Agder Energi owns 100% of Tjønnefoss power station.

Tjønnefoss power station generates
42 GWh of renewable energy per