Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power is the most important renewable energy source in Norway, and Agder Energi is one of Norway’s leading generators of hydroelectricity. Generating this electricity produces large profits, which are returned to society through dividends paid to the company’s public sector shareholders.

Our hydroelectric power stations

Agder Energi has 49 wholly-owned and part-owned hydroelectric power stations in the counties of Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder, as well as in south-west Telemark. In total, we meet 5 percent of Norway’s total energy requirements.

The natural environment

Natural resources must be used in a sustainable and ethical manner. For us, one important aspect of that is ensuring that our hydroelectric power stations don’t prevent salmon from migrating up and down river systems.

Streamflow and flood warnings

The streamflow in dammed river systems varies over the course of the year, and it can also change very rapidly in response to changes in electricity generation and flood events. Here you can find information about taking due care near dammed river systems and who is responsible for issuing flood warnings.


Streamflow records for Kjølemo in the Mandal drainage basin, Heisel in the Otra drainage basin and Nelaug in the Arendal drainage basin. The data is updated automatically from the end of May until mid-September.

Contact us

Here you will find contact information for the leaders in Agder Energi Vannkraft.