Energy Management & Trading

The Energy Management & Trading business area is responsible for the Agder Energi Group’s trading contracts and for managing market risk. This includes the Group’s management and trading of energy products in the Nordic region and Europe.

The business area, which operates through Agder Energi Kraftforvaltning AS, is responsible for managing and maximising the return on the electricity generated by the Group, on behalf of Agder Energi Vannkraft AS. It does this by trying to optimise scheduling and by managing market risks, taking into account hydrology, weather data and information about markets. Energy Management & Trading is also responsible for the Group’s trading portfolios and power purchase agreements (PPAs) with industrial customers and investors.

It operates in Nordic and European markets, having a presence in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, as well as in Norway. Its operations in Germany also include dispatch optimisation for renewable energy and trading in guarantees of origin.

Key figures:

  • Number of employees: 600, spread across 6 offices in 4 countries
  • Annual managed volume: Approximately 12 TWh (equivalent to a 1/11-part  of Norway’s annual electricity generation)
  • Turnover: Approximately NOK 7 billion

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