Our business

Agder Energi’s organisational structure reflects the value chain from power station to customer. This helps us to make the best possible use of our resources, and ensures that we create value for our public sector owners. We develop innovative, forward-looking solutions through strong investment in research and development. Our goal is to continue to supply clean energy so that society can prosper, even as our society and patterns of energy consumption change in the future.


The Innovation business area supports innovation and development of the value chain, and helps to develop the company through new, profitable business models and strategic activities.


The Production business area is responsible for one of the most profitable, efficient and modern portfolios of renewable energy production plants.


The Distribution business area promotes smart electricity consumption in a social based on renewable energy through stable and efficient distribution of energy via the power grid in Agder.

Energy Management & Trading

The Energy Management & Trading business area actively manages our own and other people’s portfolios of electricity contracts, helping to add value in the Nordic and European markets.


The Customer business area develops and maintains good customer relationships with business and domestic customers in Norway and the Nordic region.

Research and Development

Agder Energi’s vision is to be one of the leading companies in the Norwegian renewable energy sector. Business development and innovation are key priorities that help us to generate significant added value from new business models and positions.