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Berlifoss power station

Commissioned in 1958. The power station extracts energy from the lower reaches of the River Fyreselv, where it drops down at Øyfjell, Kjellar and Berlifoss.

Key numbers


Berlifoss power station is situated in Nissedal Municipality in Telemark. The municipality has a population of 1 451, and covers an area of 905 km², approximately 13% of which is water. Berlifoss is one of five power stations in the municipality.

It lies at the foot of the mountain Øyfjellet. 

The power station makes use of a 29-metre drop in the River Fyreselv just before its confluence with Nisserelva.

Tunnel length 545m
Vertical drop 29m
Operating since 1958
Number Aggregates in operation at the station:1
Agder Engergi owns 100% of power plant
Every second runs the 0m³ water through the plant. Enough to fill 0 ten-liter buckets of water every hundredth of a second.

Power producting:

Berlifoss power station supplies 50 GWh to Agder Energi per year, equivalent to 0.61% of the 8200 GWh generated by the group in an average year.
This makes Berlifoss power station the 29th biggest power station in the Agder Energi group.
1000 husstander 1000 husstander 1000 husstander
Agder Energi’s share of generation covers the annual consumption of approximately 2500 households.

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