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The Guarantee of Origin (GO)

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is the tool in Europe for electricity tracking to deliver information regarding attributes from the production site on to the consumer. All our power plants receives 1 GO per MWh production and our stations are certified in line with several energy labels.


GO products

Unspecified Hydropower: Even though it is called Unspecified, the geographic area for this product is often specified, like for example: from Norway, from the Nordic countries or Alpine hydro power.

Specified Hydropower: This product makes it possible for the buyer to choose among various attributes such as age of the power plant, installed capacity and so on. If also makes it possible to supply pictures more detailed information about the specific power station.

Windpower: We provide GOs from wind power. Most wind power in Europe receives some kind of support and GOs offered have either productions or investment support.