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Bra Miljöval

Bra Miljöval is referred to as "Good Environmental Choice" in English. This is an ecolabel for renewable energy with criteria set by the label owner, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The label is based on a fund model where money paid for the product by the consumer is set aside into a fund for ecosystem improvements to reduce local impact from the production.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation sets criteria for renewable energy from hydro, wind solar and bio. One of the main criteria for hydropower is restrictions on waterflow to secure habitat and  local ecosystems in the river and to avoid dry river beds. Only hydro power plants built before 1996 are eglible for the label. The aim of the label is to stimulate the transition from a nuclear and fossil over to a renewable energy system and to help consumers to choose renewable energy with low environmental impact.

The following stations in our production park meets the Bra Miljöval criteria and are accredited for the label:

Bjelland power station 

Laudal power station 

Nomeland power station 

Åmli power station 

Evenstad power station 

Hekni power station 


We are proud to have our own licens and fund. 2 Mill SEK has been approved by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to be used for an electrical barrier to avoid salmon swimming into the outlet tunnel at Rygene power station. Link to article and video: