The Agder Energi-conference 2020

This is the Agder Energi-conference

The Agder Energy Conference is one of Norway's most important meeting places for the renewable industry, business, politics and other players who are concerned with issues related to energy, technology and development both regionally and nationally.

The conference has been organized since 2015 and attracts 600 participants from all over Norway. It is arranged by Agder Energi, a leading Norwegian renewable group, and addresses current issues and questions related to energy and how this characterizes social development. In 2019 we focused on what the cities of the future will look like, this year's theme is the turning points that will characterize the renewable industry, politics and society in the years to come.

The conference will be held at Kilden Theater and Konserthus May 5th and 6th this year.

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About this years theme

Here you will meet a number of exciting speakers and companies during a tightly packed program over two days. In addition, you will meet people from the renewable industry from across the country, as well as business, academia and premise providers from the public and politics. Common to all who attend the Agder Energy Conference is a desire to help solve the major societal challenges we face.

The tipping points are difficult to predict, but in retrospect they appear to be self-evident. It can be a seemingly small innovation that is gaining huge popularity. A tipping point comes in three stages: It begins with an invention, something entirely new. The invention then matures, preferably by using it in creative ways or combining it with other elements and adapting it to the market. Finally, the potential is realized in the market.

For further information about the conference please contact project manager Yvonne Ødegård, email:

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