The Tippingpoints

Agder Energi-conference

The Tippingpoints

Kristiansand May 5th and 6th 2020

About the conference

The AE conference is cancelled

World history is characterized by tipping points. Revolutions, products, trends, services that transform society and create new ways of seeing the world. They are notoriously difficult to spot before they occur, and usually obvious afterwards. At the Agder Energy Conference 2020, the tipping points that lie ahead of us are examined. That will change our lives for years to come. The tipping points we rely on to solve the major challenges we face. And those that we must prevent at all costs.

This year, 2020, the debate is marked by the fact that the world faces a pivotal point of enormous importance: Will we solve the climate challenges and cope with the transition to a renewable society where clean energy forms the basis for a sustainable future. Or do we have to use all our wisdom and wisdom to adapt to a changing world?

Whatever the outcome, we are going through major changes. We invite the sharpest, most visionary, innovative and analytical voices in their fields to look into the glass sphere. We explore the power industry, business and industry in Norway and at Agder, society and politics and the global processes facing critical points.

  • What technologies are emerging?
  • Who controls the development?
  • How will society and business change?
  • What are the biggest tipping points ahead?

The conference is an excellent arena for professional replenishment around some of the key issues that will characterize the power industry and business in the years to come. We gather around 600 participants at Kilden Theater and Operahouse in Kristiansand for an exciting and engaging program.

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