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Wild-salmon centre has opened

Mandalselva Villakssenter, a wild-salmon centre at Laudal power station, was opened today. The centre aims to offer an enjoyable experience and tell the story of the salmon in the river.

At the wild salmon centre, you’ll get very close to the salmon.
At the wild salmon centre, you’ll get very close to the salmon.

- The idea of a salmon centre arose in conjunction with a wider project looking at how the river is used. For many years, that project has been looking at how to make the river a valuable resource for more people, so that it becomes an important asset to the region. The aim is also for the wild salmon centre to promote local development and make the area more attractive to tourists, explains Svein Haugland, Agder Energi Vannkraft’s Chief Environmental Officer.

Agder Energi’s CEO Steffen Syvertsen, who also attended the opening of the wild salmon centre, is pleased that it has been completed.

- For many years, Agder Energi has been working hard to create a better environment for salmon in the River Mandalselva. Various projects and surveys have been carried out, and I think the new wild salmon centre will be a great place to showcase that power generation and salmon can coexist in a river system, says Steffen Syvertsen.

IMG_2595.JPGYou’ll also learn about the history of salmon fishing in the river.

You can find out more about the wild salmon centre here.