Information to suppliers regarding the merger 

Recertified as an Eco-Lighthouse

The parent company Agder Energi AS is officially certified for three more years as an Eco-Lighthouse enterprise. This signifies that the company will continue to work purposefully to minimize both our own and our suppliers' negative impact on the climate and environment.

- The certification applies to our offices in Kristiansand and Arendal, and is mainly about upholding standards that relate to the operation of our offices and initiating measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Agder Energi. It is imperative that we continue to prioritize this work not only for our own betterment, but also to create positive ripple effects in the region, says Jan Atle Liodden, Senior Adviser on Sustainability.

Emission cuts and green solutions

One of the parent company's priorities is setting specific goals to reduce our travel emissions. In this area we have both committed to reducing business travel by 40% by 2024 and electrifying a minimum of 40% of our fleet vehicle by 2025.

Another focus area in our environmental management is the energy efficiency of the parent company's buildings and properties. Our head office is a low-energy building with an energy solution based on district heating and cooling, electric heating, and solar energy. At the Stoa office we also have electric heating and cooling, but with the addition of extra heat supply from our daughter company Agder Energi Varme.

- We have taken steps to ensure continuous improvement. For instance, in both offices we have switched to LED lamps with sensor control when an upgrade was needed. A new LED based luminaire is cheaper these days compared to older solutions, and it comes with guarantees of up to 10 years without lamp replacement. We have also replaced several windows and ventilation systems at Stoa, and sealed windows with poor insulation in their frames. These are all actions that reduce the energy consumption and costs of our tenants, says Steven Astrup, Director of Real Estate at Agder Energi.

Sustainable consumption and production

An important dimension in our environmental responsibility is also setting requirements for business partners and suppliers in our value chain. This is acknowledged in Goal 12, one of Agder Energi’s 7 sustainability goals, which is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Under UN targets 12.6 and 12.7 we have committed to ensuring that at least 95 percent of the value of our purchases will come from suppliers with an environmental certification under ISO 14001, the Eco-Lighthouse scheme, or an equivalent environmental management system by 2025.

- Sustainable purchasing for us means not only ensuring that our suppliers actively work to reduce their climate footprint, but also that they have fair and ethical labor conditions. We have set requirements for working conditions in mineral extraction when purchasing new laptops, as well as for decent wages for the producers of our workwear. Every year Agder Energi trades from approximately 1500 suppliers and spends 1.5 to 2 billion NOK on goods and services. We must constantly find a balance between meeting our needs and exerting our consumer power as responsibly as we can, concludes Purchasing Director Olav Ausel.


The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation started as a local project in Kristiansand, Norway in 1996. Since then, it has become the first national certification scheme in Europe to be recognized by the European Commission, as well as an effective tool for companies that seek to succeed with environmental management and green transformation.

Agder Energi was certified for the first time in 2016, followed by a recertification in 2019. This second recertification is issued after a visit from a certifier and an environmental analysis that ascertained that the parent company’s criteria have been fulfilled.