Information to suppliers regarding the merger 

Important joint national task

Due to the increasing spread of the new coronavirus, the Agder Energi Group has set in motion its central emergency management plan.

“We have been following the situation closely and have already implemented various measures. After the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s most recent update, we have put Agder Energi on an emergency footing, in order to give this matter even greater priority”, says CEO Steffen Syvertsen.

He chairs the central emergency management committee, which consists of the business area directors and some important administrative functions. Agder Energi is following the health authorities’ recommendations on measures to prevent contagion.

Responsibility to society to supply electricity

“We are doing this in order to do everything we can to support the joint national task of reducing contagion in the Norwegian population and to help protect the most exposed and vulnerable groups. The aim is to reduce pressure on the health service to make it easier for it to deal successfully with the outbreak. It is vital that everyone plays their part in this joint task, to ensure that the health service has enough capacity to look after the people who need it”, says Syvertsen.

Agder Energi must be prepared for the possibility of multiple employees becoming infected and of large numbers of employees being put in quarantine as a result of having been in close contact with the infected people.

“We supply energy so society can prosper. That means we have an important responsibility to society and a duty to protect critical infrastructure. We must retain our capability to deal with power cuts, spring floods and extreme weather events, and to continue providing district heating, even in the current situation. It is therefore particularly important for us to take this matter seriously”, says Syvertsen.

Measures being implemented at Agder Energi

Agder Energi has put in place a number of measures designed to limit and prevent contagion:

Employees who are able to work from home shall do so.

Meetings shall, as a general rule, be held as e-meetings.

No international business travel. Limit domestic travel, including between our own offices. 

The canteens have been closed.

Contact surfaces such as door handles, handrails, etc. will be cleaned more frequently and on a regular basis.