Ethics and whistleblowing

Our Ethical Guidelines shall help to ensure that we maintain high ethical standards, and our whistleblowing procedures shall make it easy and safe to report anything improper.

Agder Energi has adopted Ethical Guidelines that set out aspirational and mandatory conduct at our organisation. We also have whistleblowing procedures that make it easy and safe for employees and other parties to report misconduct within our business.

Further information about our Ethical Guidelines and how to report misconduct:

Ethical Guidelines

The guidelines set out the ethical standards that should be met by all employees, employees at subsidiaries in which Agder Energi holds a controlling interest, Board members, contractors, consultants, intermediaries, lobbyists and anyone else who acts on behalf of Agder Energi.

In its activities, Agder Energi follows all current laws and regulations, and acts in a way that is ethically acceptable and socially responsible. Breaches of laws and ethical standards represent a threat to the group’s competitiveness and reputation. Agder Energi shall adhere to high ethical standards. Where Agder Energi’s Ethical Guidelines are more stringent than current laws and regulations, the guidelines must be complied with.

Breaches of these guidelines will not be accepted, and can, in accordance with the relevant legislation, lead to internal disciplinary action, dismissal or, as a final resort, legal action including prosecution. Should any questionable practice or irregularities be uncovered at Agder Energi, the necessary changes will be made and measures will be implemented to prevent them from being repeated.


Agder Energi also has whistleblowing procedures that make it easy and safe for employees and other parties to report misconduct within our business.

Both employees and other parties can report their concerns online through the whistleblowing portal “NAVEX Global”, which is an independent portal for reporting misconduct. It is possible to report matters anonymously without the whistleblower being identified. Whistleblowers who do identify themselves will receive feedback on how the matter is being dealt with.

Telephone line:

Germany (ITFS): 0800 1800042
Sweden (ITFS): 020 70 8389
Norway (ITFS): 800 12183

Agder Energi also has the following whistleblowing channels:

Directly to the Group’s Chief Audit Executive Anne Helgeland Haldorsen, tel. +47 91618228

Directly to the Group’s Head of Security Dino Wachendorf, tel. +47 90238000

Directly to the chair of the audit committee Kristin Steenfeldt-Foss, tel. +47 97527559

Directly to compliance responsible Tove Karlsen Westbye, tel. +47 95991905

Reporting through the external whistleblowing service: ”NAVEX Global”