Committed to continuing to develop Agder Energi for the future

Innovation and electrification are priority areas for Steffen Syvertsen, the new CEO of the Agder Energi Group. His goal is to continue developing a sustainable business that achieves strong financial results – for the benefit of the whole region.

Steffen Syvertsen at his desk in the companys main office.
Steffen Syvertsen at his desk in the companys main office.

- At Agder Energi, we have a mission – to supply clean energy so society can prosper. I’m proud of that! Clean, renewable hydroelectric power is our core business. I find it really motivating that we’re helping to drive the transition to a green economy and the sustainable development of our society, says Steffen Syvertsen, the CEO of the Agder Energi Group. 

Increasing value creation at Agder Energi

He will use the start of his tenure as CEO to meet employees and shareholders, as well as partners, the authorities and politicians. 

- As the new CEO, it is important for me to listen and to facilitate successful dialogue. That will provide a good basis for setting out a clear direction, developing the Agder Energi Group and achieving strong financial results for our public-sector shareholders, says Syvertsen. 

- We already have an ambitious strategy that runs well into 2020. Going forwards, we will continue to focus hard on achieving those goals. It is important for us to continue working together to boost value creation at Agder Energi, says Syvertsen. 


Innovation is a key priority for Agder Energi, which was recently voted the third most innovative company in Norway. 

- That is a recognition of the work we’ve done, for instance with Microsoft. That partnership has really opened doors for us around the world. The award is also an inspiration to keep up the good work, says Syvertsen. 

He believes that former CEO Tom Nysted did a great job of developing an innovation culture at Agder Energi. 

- I want innovation to remain a priority during my time as CEO. Together with the group management team, I will work to continue building an innovative business – both within our traditional core areas and in new, exciting ones, says Syvertsen. 


Syvertsen says that Agder is in a great position to become the first all-electric region in Norway. 

More intelligent use of resources 

- We have the industry, the technology and the clean energy. We want to play a proactive role in developing and introducing new technology that will help us to use our resources more intelligently. We are already making good progress with analysing the potential for electrification and defining specific measures, in cooperation with the county councils and Kristiansand Municipality. If we all pull together I’m sure we’ll be successful, he says. 

Highly-qualified staff 

Syvertsen is keen to emphasise the role of the around 1,000 employees at the group. 

- Without all of the dedicated and talented people who work here, it would obviously be impossible to be innovative and add value. It’s also evident that people want to work for and with us – we don’t have any problems recruiting the brightest and the best, he says, before adding: 

- They are what enables us to achieve our goal of being a leading renewable energy group. Managing a group of people like this is a privilege, but also a great responsibility. I’m really looking forward to that!