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International innovation award for Agder Energi

Agder Energi are receiving the prestigious Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency Award; Power Generation and Supply together with Microsoft for a smart grid pilot project that will help create efficient, flexible and intelligent power system for the future.

Engene substation outside Arendal has been an ideal test object in the project.

- We really appreciate to see that our work is being noticed. In Agder Energi we are looking for ways to utilize new technology to make our grid more efficient, more predictable and more flexible. We want to move from solely being a producer of energy to become an energy partner having an active interaction with our customers, says Tom Nysted, Chief Executive Officer of Agder Energi,

The grid of the future
Agder Energi has teamed up with Microsoft on the pilot project that is utilizing intelligent technology to create a pioneer smart grid solution. The goal is to prepare the grid for increased renewable energy from various sources and suppliers like domestic homes with solar rooftop and changing increased overall demand.

The technology will help saving energy and make it easier for distributed producers to supply various types of renewable resources to back to the grid. Customers with flexible demand will also be able to alter the time when they use power and the amount of power used while reducing their total cost of energy use.

Another outcome of the Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution is a reduced grid cost for the end customers by decreasing the peak demand during high peak periods. A reduced grid cost for the customer will be the end result when the need for adding more costly capacity to the grid is lower.

Read more about the project in the news section and on Microsoft website

New flexible marketplace
The pilot project has make the basis for new business opportunities. The flexibility marketplace where customers with high peak demand help the utility to gain more capacity by reducing their demand has big amounts of data and short deadlines.

- The pilot project has given us new ways of using advanced technology to exploit available flexibility and make operations of the grid smarter. We saw the need for a new marketplace to buy and sell this flexibility and has now established the startup company NODES together with Nordpool who runs the leading power market in Europe. NODES will make the unused flexible resources that already exist in the power system available in the power market, says Rune Hogga, Chief Executive Officer of NODES.

In good company
It is Alliance to Save Energythat has given the award to Agder Energi. The alliance is a nonprofit, bipartisan alliance of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders advocating for enhanced energy productivity to achieve economic growth, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security, affordability and reliability.

The alliance gives out awards in various categories and on the list of previous recipients are IBM, Elon Musk, Schneider Electric. Lockheed Martin and Whirlpool.

Tom Nysted
Chief Executive Officer, Agder Energi
Ph: +47 91 32 11 00

Rune Hogga
Chief Executive Officer, NODES
Ph. +47 93 40 33 26