Enabling the green shift in Europe | Agder Energi

Agder Energi is focusing its efforts in Germany

With its initiative targeting the German energy market, Agder Energi has now gained access to those markets that control management of renewable energy and optimisation of decentralised production in addition to the consumer flexibility markets.

The management of the Energy Management & Trading business area in Agder Energi, from the left: Olav Torstein Penne Pedersen (Production portfolio), Espen Skadal (Trading), Harald Von Heyden (Central Western Europe), Steffen Syvertsen (EVP), Atle Knudsen (Nordic Custion Solutions), Therese Bjerke (Business Support & Development), Håkon Helgesen (Risk & Business Control).

“Germany has been following a strategy over the past years to increase the amount of renewable energy in the power grid. For Norway, our hydropower is essential if we are to supply more flexible energy to Europe. In return, we gain access to leading technology and advanced business models,” explains Steffen Syvertsen, EVP of the Energy Management & Trading business area in Agder Energi.


The Group intends to make a contribution towards enabling the green shift by selling clean energy, providing flexibility solutions and optimising decentralised production. Flexibility is offered by accelerating or decelerating production and the rate of consumption.


Closer to the value chain

As previously reported, Agder Energi has made changes to its corporate structure. The Energy Management & Trading business area now comprises not only trading, energy management and hedging, but also the companies involved in market operations – Entelios, Nordgröön, Agder Energi Solutions, LOS Energy and Enfo.


“With this new structure, we are much closer to every part of the value chain, from the production of renewable energy, via energy management, administration of flexibility, system solutions, to sales and market operations,” confirms Steffen Syvertsen.


Smarter, more frequent and less expensive

The reorganisation has been implemented with the aim to facilitate cooperation between companies with unique, specialised expertise within the development of new solutions for a market with a vast demand for renewable energy.


“Our aim is to utilise available renewable energy more smartly, frequently and cheaply. This requires the development of new digital business models allowing us to make use of new technology within artificial intelligence, real time analysis and vast volumes of data. Such initiatives are absolutely essential for success in an industry set to experience historical changes in the next few years,” says Steffen Syvertsen.



For more detailed information, please contact:

Steffen Syvertsen, EVP Energy Management & Trading, Agder Energi. Mob. +47 909 28 415

Thorbjørn Laundal, Director of Marketing and Communications at LOS AS. Mob. +47 917 48 926


Information on the Energy Management & Trading business area:

  • Volumes under management is 34.7 TWh (terawatt hours) This corresponds to around 20% of total annual energy production in Norway
  • Power under management is 3,479 MW (megawatts)
  • Estimated annual revenue for the business area is approx. NOK 8 billion
  • The business area comprises the following brands: LOS Energy, Enfo, Entelios, AE Solutions and Nordgröön (61.4%)
  • The main office is located in Kristiansand, but the business area's 175 employees are distributed among 11 locations in four countries (Norway, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland).


Agder Energi’s vision is to be one of the leading companies in the Norwegian renewable energy sector. The Group's operations comprise production, optimisation, distribution and sales of energy, in addition to services related to energy. Agder Energi has around 1,400 employees. For more information, go to www.ae.no.