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Agder Energi acquires Markedskraft Deutschland GmbH

The acquisition positions Agder Energi in the German market of energy asset management. Markedskraft will continue its Continental business within power market analysis through the company MKonline GmbH.

Signing the contract: Left side Morten Henriksen, chairman of Markedskraft ASA, and Edvard Lauen, executive director of energy asset management Agder Energi.

- In a few years, the south of Norway will be closer connected to the Continent through more interconnectors. By this acquisition, Agder Energi establishes a strong foothold which will enhance the value of flexible hydroelectric production, says Edvard Lauen Executive Director of Energy Asset Management in Agder Energi

Agder Energi acquires Markedskraft ASA's activities within portfolio management in Germany. Markedskraft Deutschland GmbH was established in 2011 and provides services for efficient handling of wind, solar- and bio production assets from German small and medium sized producers. Agder Energi will continue all the existing activities after the takeover of the company.  

- We acquire a business with a strong position within portfolio management services in Germany, and we intend to further develop this business. We have identified a number of potential synergies towards our Nordic operations, and this acquisition will contribute positively to the ongoing digitalization process within our group. The German short-term power market is more developed than the Nordic, with high liquidity and automated trading solutions, says Espen Skadal, Head of Trading & Origination in Agder Energi Kraftforvaltning.


Important for further growth

- We are very satisfied with our development in the German power market. Further expansion requires increased volumes and high financial capacity. For Markedskraft it is the right time to let new owners bring the company forward, says Lars Peder Fensli, Managing Director in Markedskraft ASA.


The transaction implies that Markedskraft will deliver portfolio management services to the German business of Agder Energi.


- We have solid competence and experience within 24/7 production optimization, portfolio management and market surveillance in the physical short-term markets. We see an increasing number of market players requesting these types of services outside ordinary business hours. We are proud that Agder Energi has chosen us as provider of these services, says Fensli.


A strong foothold in the value chain

In December, Agder Energi Venture bought 61,4 % of the equity in the German aggregator Nordgröön Energie GmbH & Co. KG (ref attached link).


- Together with Agder Energi Venture's acquisition of Nordgröön Energie, and Agder Energi Kraftforvaltning's strong position within trading and management of guarantees of origins, this new business will establish Agder Energi with a strong foothold in the value chain for flexible power, ancillary services and trading of renewable energy in Germany, says Edvard Lauen.


Germany is a frontrunner in the development of the European energy markets. Services for flexibility control and automated trading systems, as well as access to short-term markets, are increasingly important. Agder Energi is now able to deliver a range of services and products to European counterparties, as well as developing the other core business in line with changes in the energy markets.


After the take-over, Markedskraft ASA will continue its Continental business within power market analysis through the company MKonline GmbH.


- MKonline is a leading provider of forecasts of fundamental data and prices. Our analyst group in Berlin will still be central for further growth within this segment, states Fensli.



Edvard Lauen

Executive Director Energy Asset Management in Agder Energi

Mobile + 47 905 80 707


Espen Skadal

Head of Trading & Origination Agder Energi Kraftforvaltning

Mobile + 47 924 44 464


Lars Peder Fensli

Managing Director of Markedskraft ASA

Mobile +47 953 63 670

Agder Energi is the third largest hydro energy producer in Norway, and its vision is to be a leading Norwegian renewable utility. The Group's core activities are energy production, grid and electricity end-user business. The Group has about 1300 employees.

Markedskraft has since 1992 been a central player in the development of the Nordic power market. The company is an independent provider of services to the Nordic and European wholesale market for electricity. Markedskraft has its headoffice in Arendal, as well as offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Århus and Berlin.

MKonline is a business area for power market analysis within Markedskraft. MKonline is leading within forecasting of fundamentals and prices within the European power market, and has more than 300 clients in 28 countries.