Agder Energi on the podium for its innovation | Agder Energi

Agder Energi on the podium for its innovation

For the third year in a row, Agder Energi has been included on the list of Norway’s 25 most innovative businesses, and this year it achieved a fine third place.

Agder Energis headquarter i Kristiansand.

-          It is inspiring and motivating to be named one of the most innovative businesses in Norway. It’s a huge recognition of the work done by Agder Energi and all of its employees”, says Tom Nysted, the CEO of the Agder Energi Group.

Each year, Innovasjonsmagasinet names the 25 most innovative businesses in Norway, and Agder Energi was the only energy company that made it onto the list. The Group climbed an impressive eleven places, from last year’s fourteenth place to this year’s third place.

-          That confirms we’re doing something right. In recent years, innovation has been a priority for the Group, and we are continuously working to develop new energy solutions and business models that can help to meet the challenges of the future”, explains Nysted.

An innovative trailblazer
In its comments, the jury highlighted Agder Energi’s operations in Germany and the pilot project with Microsoft as examples of innovation and business development.

-         The partnership with Microsoft is a classic example of how we can drive innovation, and our operations in Germany put us at the forefront of responding to the challenges facing the world”, says Nysted, before continuing:

-         I believe that cooperating across industries and national borders is the key. The easy part is spotting the changes that are coming, but actually doing something about them is a completely different matter.”

According to Innovasjonsmagasinet, the common denominator of all of the companies on the list is their world-class level of innovation.


-          We believe that this is by far the most comprehensive list of businesses in Norway that are actually innovating, as opposed to just talking about innovation. The list may only include Norwegian businesses, but what all of them have in common is that they are truly world-class when it comes to their proactive approach to innovation”, says Truls Berg of Innovasjonsmagasinet, who chaired the jury.


Jury’s comments:
Norway’s third largest electricity supplier has achieved over a billion kroner of turnover in Germany, almost without the Oslo-based press even noticing. This innovative trailblazer from Southern Norway has a long track record of
innovation in the energy sector, and it is helping to lead the transition to a green economy. Under the leadership of Tom Nysted and his team, Agder Energi is also promoting greater adaptability, early investment in new, dynamic companies and open innovation. Last year the company won a global innovation prize in partnership with Microsoft (the previous winner was Tesla), which is no coincidence. 

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